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Plant Care 101. Repotting Your Plant.

Did you know that you can leave your plant in the grower container for up to a year? Its actually a great way for your plant to get used to your home climate and makes it easy for watering as you can easily take it from its decorative pot right to the shower for a great humid and fully drained watering. 

5 Ways to Care for Your Plant: Spring Edition

As your plant friends are waking up from their beauty sleep, they're going to want to stretch their roots and arms out for the first time in months. Re-potting or potting up (moving your plant in to a larger pot) can help give your plant the space it needs to really start growing. This is a great opportunity to give your plant some new, nutrient rich soil as well.

The Top 5 Plants for Low Light

If you have plants, you are very aware of what time the sun sets each day in the winter. You may even re-organize your living quarters just to accommodate the lack of light your plants are getting. The winter is dark, but there are many plants that don't need high, or even medium amounts of light. These plants are great year round to spruce up any corner of your home.

How House Plants Can Help You Reach Your 2020 Goals

Whether you’re a new year’s resolution type of person or not, there’s always goals throughout the year that you’re likely hoping to hit. Usually, these goals range from career moves, to health improvements, general well-being and more. The good news is that your home, where you eat, sleep and set these goals can be a sanctuary in which it feeds you in different ways to help you hit these goals. 

Plant People: Eryn of Leaves And Bones

In a city that’s riddled with tall, grey buildings there’s a number of plant people on the Toronto grid. These plant lovers range from living in jungles to just starting to learn about the world of greenery. Eryn, the curator of the lovely Instagram account Leaves & Bones sat down with Sharebloom co-founder, Naomi, to talk everything plants.

The Definitive Guide to Plant Gifting

Whether the person you’re shopping for is a nature lover or not, a plant is a beautiful gift as it will better their life in some way. It also stays in their home or personal space and is a reminder that you care for them. Whoever you’re buying a plant for we have you covered. Here’s the top plants to get for the plant beginner, the chef, to wish someone good luck, or the plant pro. 

5 Ways to Care for Your Plant: Winter Edition

Some mammals think it's so cold and boring they sleep it off until the spring. Caring for yourself during winter consists of staying warm and watching Netflix, but how do you care for a plant? I'm glad you asked, because below you'll find the Official Guide to the 4 Ways to Care for Your Plant During Winter.

4 Plants For The Holiday Season (And Winter)

Even though the winter season might bring colder weather, it doesn’t mean that plants become irrelevant. At Sharebloom, we help your curate your plant selection to help it thrive during all seasons. For this reason, we want to show you holiday and winter plants that will brighten up any room this season.

Plant People: An Afternoon With Windeyer

At Sharebloom, we’re plant people, and we want to get to know others who share the same love for nature. That’s why we want to start talking to plant people that inspire us in different ways and see what brought them to where they are today. 

Today, we want to introduce you to Windeyer.

Plants Smell.

Have you ever noticed on your plants any holes in the middle of leaves? That's from the salicylic acid rushing to kill the intruder and notify the next row of healthy defenders to end their existence for the protection of the rest of the leaf.

5 Ways to Care for Your Plant - Fall Edition

As the seasons change, so do we. The days are shorter, the nights are colder. The humidity that once made us feel like we were walking through water seems to evaporate in an instant and gets replaced by the cold, brisk winds of fallSome embrace it, while others deny it but one thing that doesn't change is Mother Nature's commitment to the changing of the seasons

The Official Top 5 Easiest Houseplants to Care For

If you're reading this, chances are you love being surrounded by nature in your home. Having over 100 (and counting) house plants in my living space, I've had my fair share of unsuccessful planteavours. When you sign up for a monthly subscription through Sharebloom you get a curated collection of plants that are designed for success, but that isn't always the case when you buy from anywhere. You may come across a plant that catches your eye and it becomes a must-have, but there are no instructions that come with it. Sharebloom includes all of this with your membership. So, without further adieu, here are the Top 5 Easiest Houseplants to Care For.