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4 Plants For The Holiday Season (And Winter)

Even though the winter season might bring colder weather, it doesn’t mean that plants become irrelevant. At Sharebloom, we help your curate your plant selection to help it thrive during all seasons. For this reason, we want to show you holiday and winter plants that will brighten up any room this season.

There’s plenty of plants out there that bring joy throughout the holiday season and through the winter as it starts to get colder. The best part is, these plants can go beyond just the holidays and be a part of your new plant family for longer than you think. So, look at these holiday plant favourites as an investment in your happiness and health that tends to get forgotten as the days get shorter and the winters get harsher. 

So what are the best, most popular plants for the holiday season? Well, get ready, you might end up wanting all these beauties. 


The classic, and you probably see these in a number of homes at this time of year. The most typical kind you’ll see are red, but did you know there’s over 100 different types of poinsettias? Ice Punch has a mix of red and green, while Envy is a gorgeous light green and Sonora White Glitter is a pink with what resembles a white glitter all over it. Plus, there’s many more where that came from. 

Caring for your Pointsettia:
Light: Bright (but not direct) sunlight
Temperature: 65 - 70 degrees 
Water: Keep the soil moist, but not completely wet.

Schlumbergera (aka the Christmas Cactus)

These amazing succulents have been bred from Brazil’s rainforest and they actually get their name because they bloom over the holiday period. They’re a great addition to any home since it adds the perfect pop of colour over the winter season, which is much needed. To get it to bloom though, it needs a bit of TLC.

Caring for your Christmas Cactus:

  • Light: Keep it in bright, indirect light
    Temperature: Keel it in and around 70 degrees
    Water: Water it right when the soil is dry to the touch

  • Wondering how to help your Christmas Cactus Bloom? Here's some tips:

    • Plant it in a snug pot
    • Try to avoid temperature and light changes, so place it where you know you’ll want to display it
    • Make sure the soil’s never too damp, these plants are prone to root rot
    • Prune the plant when needed


    This bulb plant is growing in popularity each and every year, what’s great is the colourful flowers shaped like bells actually thrives indoors. The best is, it gets better with time so you’ll have that much needed colour throughout the winter and even into the summer. The plant’s flowers will eventually fade, but fear not fellow plant lover, simply clip it off and it will rebloom come springtime. Just be careful to avoid hurting the leaves or any other flower stalks that might be emerging. 

    Caring for your Amaryllis:
    Light: Diffused light
    Temperature: Around 60 degrees
    Water: Keep it barely moist, and make sure you don’t water the bulb that sticks out from the soil

    Rosemary Trees

    These household plants are perfect if you live in a small apartment and just can’t fit a Griswold-sized tree in your house. On top of this, they also release pleasing aromatics and are generally easy to take care of. You can prune these trees quite often and even plant it outside when the spring or summer comes around! As long as you keep up with a regular pruning schedule (prepare to use some fresh rosemary in your cooking), your Rosemary Tree will be happy as ever. 

    Caring for your Rosemary Tree:

  • Light: Keep by a sunny window
  • Temperature: 60 - 65 degrees is best
  • Water: Water once per week or so, and mist after pruning

  • There’s many other favourites over the holidays like mistletoe, Christmas Fern and of course, the Christmas tree. What’s your favourite plant to see over the holidays? 

    Share a photo of your holiday plants and tag @Sharebloom on Instagram! We’d love to see your indoor garden come together.