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How House Plants Can Help You Reach Your 2020 Goals

Whether you’re a new year’s resolution type of person or not, there’s always goals throughout the year that you’re likely hoping to hit. Usually, these goals range from career moves, to health improvements, general well-being and more. The good news is that your home, where you eat, sleep and set these goals can be a sanctuary in which it feeds you in different ways to help you hit these goals. 

How outside of your own home design? Plants and flowers. 

Yes. Plants and flowers have actually been proven to benefit your health in multiple ways. From your overall mental health to helping you breathe easier, they’ll help you reach your 2020 goals before you know it.

Read on to find out just three reasons why.

Plants Help You Breathe

This might seem a little far-fetched, but it is true. Plants produce oxygen and take in carbon dioxide (a process called photosynthesis) which means that we have a mutually beneficial relationship with our house plants. We breathe out carbon dioxide, they take it in, we get more oxygen from them in return. 

Improving the oxygen in your home can benefit you in a number of ways including increased energy levels which can lead to being more productive, happy and more. 

On that note...

You’ll Be More Productive

Did you know that studies have proven that plants can actually improve your productivity by up to 15%? This is from a study done by the University of Exeter and they found that by adding on plant per square meter into an office employee performance improved substantially

By adding plants into your home and knowing this information it could increase your productivity at home as well. Whether you have a side hustle going, or if you simply just need to get some cleaning done but you're stuck on that Netflix show (we've all been there), plants can help you get productive. 

It’ll Help Improve Your Mental Health & Reduces Stress

By simply just tending to house plants regularly, you mind is taken off of everyday stressors. They’re living things that you take care of and they offer a calming effect. One of our common stressors in our time is social media. Though we love it, it also creates a stress that was unknown to us before. With plants, it takes you away from the screen and reconnecting with nature, right inside your home. 

Plus, they just look really great and everyone loves a piece of nature spicing up their home.