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5 Ways to Care for Your Plant: Spring Edition

As your plant friends are waking up from their beauty sleep, they're going to want to stretch their roots and arms out for the first time in months. Re-potting or potting up (moving your plant in to a larger pot) can help give your plant the space it needs to really start growing. This is a great opportunity to give your plant some new, nutrient rich soil as well.

The Definitive Guide to Plant Gifting

Whether the person you’re shopping for is a nature lover or not, a plant is a beautiful gift as it will better their life in some way. It also stays in their home or personal space and is a reminder that you care for them. Whoever you’re buying a plant for we have you covered. Here’s the top plants to get for the plant beginner, the chef, to wish someone good luck, or the plant pro. 

5 Ways to Care for Your Plant - Fall Edition

As the seasons change, so do we. The days are shorter, the nights are colder. The humidity that once made us feel like we were walking through water seems to evaporate in an instant and gets replaced by the cold, brisk winds of fallSome embrace it, while others deny it but one thing that doesn't change is Mother Nature's commitment to the changing of the seasons

The 4 Reasons Why Cacti Have Spines

Did you know that wind causes evaporation? Well, it does. The air is sucking up water, banking it and storing it for future precipitation. When you're a desert plant, rainfall comes few and far between and so the name of the game is to keep as much water as possible. As odd as it sounds, cacti spines actually help cacti from losing water. The main way that cactus spines prevent cacti from losing water is by reducing air flow around the cactus. The spines break up air flow, which can help reduce evaporation. The trapped air around the cactus can also create a buffer zone with more moist air.

Why All Your Plants Are Dying

Retaining water in arid climates or soil? Sounds a lot like a cactus to me. This is because all cacti are part of the succulent plant species. All cacti are succulents, but not all succulents are cacti. Even though it may not have hair-like spines or short prickles, if it has thickened and fleshy skin, it’s probably a succulent. So water it about as much as you would water a cacti.

The Amazon Rainforest - How the Earth Got It's Lungs

The water flow was now restricted by a giant mountain range, and mountain ranges produce a lot of water run-off themselves. So all this water wanted to move somewhere. About ten million years ago, waters formed their own path, working through the sandstone to the west and the Amazon began to flow eastward towards the Atlantic ocean. As the water began to spread, so did life. Trees, insects, animals, plants, fertilized soil all followed the water down its path. Because of this, the Amazon rainforest was born.

Why Plants Are Green

To learn why plants are green, we actually need to understand light. Light from the sun is actually energy that we classify as radiation, and different wavelengths of radiation produce different colours. So, plants actually absorb that radiation and eat it as food...