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Why We're Launching Sharebloom - It's more complex than it sounds

It was about 6 years ago my co-founder and partner were going for a walk when she brought up the idea of doing a flower cart to me. It sounded like such a great idea, she had a design + decor agency at the time and it seemed like the next creative evolution for her.

We talked about people like us who live in large metropolitan areas don't get to experience the joy and serenity that nature brings. It can be difficult, and sometimes numbing to live in a concrete jungle. We had been obsessed with plants and flowers before this, we had over 60 in our place, but didn't really realize why until that moment. We realized that by having our place covered in plants and flowers we were living in our own little jungle.

I recently came across an article on how plants and flowers in your home improve your mental health. I found it pretty cool and validated what we wanted to do. The piece is called, Why Indoor Plants Are Good For Your Mental Health. Here's a quote I thought was particularly interesting,

"The science is pretty clear on all this: humans are happier when they’re close to aesthetically-pleasing living things. Office workers have been found to be more productive and happy when surrounded by indoor plants, and having plants in hospital rooms helps surgical patients recover faster by lowering blood pressure, pain, and fatigue levels. Studies have found that even the literal act of looking out the window at a tiny strip of sad urban park can have restorative mental health properties—which means by investing in a couple of hanging baskets, you’ll actually be ahead of the game. Eyeballing the colour green has been found to promote emotional stability, whereas the presence of bright-coloured flowers can provide an instant mood booster."

As we continued to walk-and-talk she told me she wanted to call it Flower Club. Such a cool name. We discussed how it would operate, and how it should be a monthly subscription so that people could enjoy plants + flowers year round without having to think about going to the local florist to purchase it. Not only would it make for an amazing gift for an anniversary, birthday, or some special occasion but it would also be an amazing self-care treat. 

Now, you'd think after all of this we went and launched it, but we didn't. I was busy running a newly founded startup while working at my full-time job and didn't have time to do much besides eat, sleep, and work. Naomi continued to run her design + decor company and also planned our entire wedding. She didn't have time for much either. It was tireless work on both our ends, but ultimately proved the right decision: we were able to get married, move to Toronto, and in December of 2018 I sold my startup.

It was an amazing experience but more than anything it gave us an opportunity to reflect on ideas I've had so I could start something new. I had a few ideas, but then again, Naomi and I went for a walk and started talking about the Flower Club idea again. We realized we had left such an amazing idea unrealized because we didn't have time for it, but it would be the perfect idea to work on now. 

So here we are, after years of incubation we are proud to announce the launch of Sharebloom. Our mission is to help you connect yourself with nature. You may have noticed it's called Sharebloom and not Flower Club, we did that intentionally and not just because the domain name was unavailable in every incarnation you could think of. We thought Flower Club may be too restrictive because we want to share with people with nature, including flowers and plants. So we opted for something flowers, plants, cacti, trees, and pretty much everything else green does: bloom. Share-bloom. Sharebloom.


So please, come and follow us on Instagram to see when and where we are popping up with our Flower Cart. We are so excited to help you connect yourself with nature. 

Thom Malone,
Co-Founder, Sharebloom