Plant Care

Radiator Plant - Peperomia

Radiator plants and other Peperomia plants aren’t just known for their beauty. They have a long history of medicinal use in South America, and this use has spread with the plant to other countries in the tropics. In the Philippines, for example, it belongs to the 'preferred list' of medicinal plants, being studied for its use in the treatment of arthritis and gout.

01 Plant Facts

Botanical name Peperomia

Family Piperaceae

Native to Central America and Northern South America

02 Plant Care

Light Avoid direct sun and extremely dark areas. Anywhere in the middle and they will be happy.

Temperature Between 55-80°F (13-26°C) Temperatures above and below that can cause damage to the plant.

Watering Let it sit in a pan of water for a few minutes every seven to 10 days from its roots. It is important especially during the winter, to not get the crown of this plant wet.

Pets Non-toxic to dogs and cats.

03 Care Tips

If you’ve noticed your Radiator Plant is looking a little sad, try these tips:

01 Propagate it!

Radiator plants are easy to propagate, so why not have more than one? The best time to propagate is during the late spring and early summer.

02 Growing Slow? They’re Late Bloomers.

As a general rule, Peperomia grow slowly. If you want to speed up this plant’s growth rate, then give it more light without burning the leaves. Fertilizing regularly may also help.