Plant Care

Tricolor Plant - Stromanthe Sanguinea

The reason why a Tricolor plant has red and white variegation (color) is because it contains less amounts of chlorophyll than a normal plant. Because they have a lower amount of chlorophyll, they need a lot of light so the plant can get nutrition from the sun properly. So, make sure to turn your plant every week since it will reach for the light. It needs more because it has less!

01 Plant Facts

Botanical name Stromanthe Sanguinea

Family Marantaceae

Native to Brazil Rainforests

02 Plant Care

Light Tricolor Plants love bright indirect light.

Temperature Between 65-80°F (18-26°C) Temperatures above and below that can cause damage to the plant. Also, the higher the humidity, the better. Don’t put this next to your air conditioner or heater.

Watering Keep the soil moist but allow the top inch to dry out before watering again. Misting helps provide humidity to make the plant feel like it’s in its native environment; the rainforest.

Pets Non-toxic to dogs and cats.

03 Care Tips

If you’ve noticed your Tricolor Plant is looking a little sad, try these tips:

01 Bright, Indirect Light

Because the Tricolor Plant lacks the traditional amount of chlorophyll a house plant contains, it’s actually a much more difficult plant to care for. They need a lot of bright, indirect sunlight to make sure the plant gets enough food for proper sustenence. This can be especially tricky in the winter, but make sure you rotate your plant every week so all of it gets proper lighting.

02 Simulate the Rainforest

The Tricolor’s native environment is the Brazil Rainforests, so make it feel at home. Try misting your plant 2-5 times a week in the morning and keep the soil moist. Make sure you don’t over water, and make sure you have proper drainage. This plant requires a bit of extra care, but if you can help it feel at home, it will thrive.